Governance – close up

Governance issues are universal, even if expressed differently around the world. How does the interaction between parliament and government work? How do different groups share power? What entitlements and resources do the regions and municipalities have? How is cooperation between the different levels of state ensured? How can transparency and accountability be ensured in governments and administrations with regard to public tasks? How can public services be organized, managed and funded efficiently and responsively? What possibilities does the populace have for influencing–or indeed making–decisions? How can the peaceful management of conflicts of interest be supported?

PolitExchange aims to make the Swiss experiences tangible for international visitors using examples from the Capital Region Switzerland. PolitExchange organizes study visits for delegations interested in knowing more about the Swiss experience and taking inspiration from this for their own projects. As a competence center of the Capital Region Switzerland, PolitExchange can give access to varied practical experiences at all state levels and serve as a bridge for the exchange between interested visitors and the members of the Capital Region Switzerland. PolitExchange is managed by Ximpulse Ltd, ensuring that the Swiss experience is presented that is relevant to the needs and expectations of the delegations.