For international visitors

PolitExchange mainly  offers services related to study visits of delegations from abroad who are interested in learning about the Swiss experience and want to use it as an inspiration–not a blueprint–for their own reflections. For example:

  • Institutions and administrative authorities that want to know how a federal and decentralized political system works and how the various forms of consultation and cooperation are organized
  • Institutions and administrative authorities that want to know more about the Swiss approaches to specific public tasks and services (see above, link)
  • Parliamentarians who want to learn about the Swiss parliamentary experience at national, cantonal, and municipal levels, and how the various political levels and fora interact
  • Representatives of political parties or other political organizations who want insights into the building of political opinions, decision-making procedures, the various consultation mechanisms, and the instruments of direct democracy
  • Representatives of authorities and civil society organizations mandated with developing creative solutions for political processes